Creativity visible through the mud

By March, winter has long since passed the fluffy and cute stage for arts buffs in the Berkshires and Southern Vermont. At this point, you’ve revisited collections at your favorite local museums, attended your friends’ coffee shop concerts, made some headway on


Months for recharging

January and February are your months for atonement. While the arts scene isn’t dormant during 2019’s earliest days, it’s certainly a tad sleepy.

From the editor

My parents had me on cross country skis by the time I hit kindergarten. If you cross country ski, winter is never a sedentary, solitary season. Instead, it’s filled with adventure and vitality. Thanks to my parents strapping those skis on my

The UpCountry Gift Guide 2018

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The traditional part of the calendar

November and December are months filled with traditions, religious and otherwise. In the Berkshires and Southern Vermont, you can set your clock to certain arts institutions’ offerings, too.


The Soul of a Violin

Violin-making is a rare craft. There are fewer than 300 makers in the United States, and Berkshire County has been favored with one such artisan, Francis Morris. Morris studied for a career as a cellist but was introduced to instrument-making while still


Finding Tasha Tudor

The artwork of author-illustrator Tasha Tudor has inspired a passion in people who collect her work to schedule “bucket list” trips to Vermont to visit her homestead in Marlboro, Vt.

“My husband thinks I am cuckoo,” said Barbara Techel, who lives in

From the Executive Editor

Here in the UpCountry, it’s that time of year when we split up into three groups: Those who love the snow, those who love relaxing by the fire and those who love both. Which one are you? Me, I fall into the

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